Agility Workouts To Boost Your Motivation

Posted on Oct 6, 2017

Agility Workouts To Boost Your Motivation

It is likely that you have been hitting the gym every week and doing the same exercises every time. Sometimes, the kind of workouts you do can determine if you are in your best mood to take another session or you’re just bored. Agility workouts can break the boredom you have with your exercises and ensure you remain motivated. But what is agility training?

Agility Training
You have probably heard of “agility training” and how it can do wonders to your workouts. In definition, agility training is the ability to move your body, change directions, and position yourself in a more effective way while keeping the balance and control. Agility workouts can help you in different ways. They help prevent injury, allow multi-planar coordination, and increase blood flow and heart rate. The exercises help ensure mind-body connection and increased level of focus.

Various Kinds of Agility Workouts
There are different ways you can do agility workouts depending on the equipment you have to aid in the exercises and the level of your fitness. The most common ones are the ladder drills. These help in improving your footwork and coordination. Ladder drinks may be used in the dynamic warm-up of the body and they are performed on the balls of the feet ensuring the moves are done quickly while having control. Other workouts include hurdle drills, agility balls, cone drills, balloon drills, and medicine ball drills.

Whether you are a weekend warrior, a stay-at-home mom, or a grandfather-in-training, you may want to consider agility training. As people age, they tend to be complacent to their daily routines, and you find that their mental and physical agility is more impacted. You can restore your workout motivation by adding agility exercises in your workout routines.

Xtreme Fitness and Wellness knows too well that you want consistency and variety in your workouts. Depending on your fitness goals, the trainers and instructions can help you attain body wellness and ensure you remain in tiptop shape throughout.