Why Good Nutrition Should Complement Your Workout Program

Posted on Jan 11, 2018

Why Good Nutrition Should Complement Your Workout Program Exercise is important in maintaining and improving the state of your physical health. Sometimes the value of exercise is emphasized at the expense of nutrition. Yet nutrition is critical in maintaining your fitness levels and even improving the gains you get from regular exercise. Here’s why you should never ignore nutrition when training. Recovery If you engage in intense physical exercises such as strength training, aerobics, or interval training, you’ll need to ensure you set aside time for recovery. Your muscles need rest to grow...

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Things People Do NOT Do When They Want to Get Healthy and Fit

Posted on Nov 17, 2017

Things People Do NOT Do When They Want to Get Healthy and Fit There is an abundance of articles available explaining how to get fit. However, articles telling you what you should not do when it’s time to get fit are scarce. People who are healthy and fit follow specific strategies to achieve and maintain positive results with their bodies. To get fit, what are these individuals avoiding?   Continually Makes Excuses Calories are not burned and your health is not improved with excuses. You want to enhance your health and fitness, but you continually make excuses not to put in the work....

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Agility Workouts To Boost Your Motivation

Posted on Oct 6, 2017

Agility Workouts To Boost Your Motivation It is likely that you have been hitting the gym every week and doing the same exercises every time. Sometimes, the kind of workouts you do can determine if you are in your best mood to take another session or you’re just bored. Agility workouts can break the boredom you have with your exercises and ensure you remain motivated. But what is agility training? Agility Training You have probably heard of “agility training” and how it can do wonders to your workouts. In definition, agility training is the ability to move your body, change directions, and...

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Healthy Posture as a Key to Better Health

Posted on Sep 9, 2017

Healthy Posture as a Key to Better Health As bipedal primates, humans have evolved to stand upright on two legs. That means that our entire body weight, plus anything else we may be carrying, is balanced from the spine, down through the legs and their joints, to the ground. With all that weight, proper alignment of posture is critical to good health and general wellness. That being said, it’s surprising how little awareness and discussion there is around the importance of correct posture when exercising, as well as in everyday life. Correct posture aligns the spine with the body’s...

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Form and Posture: A Basic Skill During Weight Training

Posted on Aug 19, 2017

Form and Posture : A Basic Skill During Weight Training Most injuries that happen during weight training is the lack of proper form and posture from lifting heavy weights and dumbbells. This is the reason why learning to integrate proper posture during a workout is extremely important. Gym trainers usually go through a great length to teach their clients the proper execution of every lift as it can cause severe consequences on the spine. Having a good form during weight lifting not only prevents injuries but is also beneficial to get the most out of every exercise. For an athlete, proper...

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If you’re Going to Do It, Do It Right!

Posted on Jul 13, 2017

If you’re Going to Do It, Do It Right! Fitness isn’t something you should approach lightly. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you understand how things work and you know that if you are going to get into good shape you should do it wholeheartedly, making sure you put everything you have into it and give yourself into the work out. Fitness isn’t just a simple challenge, fitness is something that can turn your life around, it can make things completely different and offer you the satisfaction and well-being you strive for. Xtreme Fitness and Wellness is precisely the kind of company that can...

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