Postural Alignment


Xtreme Fitness and Wellness combines a method of restoring musculoskeletal strength,

alignment, and function along with muscular strength, flexibility, power, endurance and stability.

“Higher Energy * More Strength

Better Balance * Increased Resilience

Greater Flexibility * Improved Immune System

Improved Metabolic Efficiency * Enhanced Athletic Performance

Effective Weight Management * Peace of Mind and Tranquility

Heightened Sex Drive * Anti-Aging

Pain-Free Living, Working and Playing”

Pete Egoscue

“Everybody’s posture is different because everybody’s lifestyle is different, and individual lifestyle

determines to what degree our body matches or diverges from its (original) template.” Pete Egoscue

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pics boat

“We entered our quad in the Long Beach Rowing Association’s Spring Regatta, and took the

Silver Medal in the 1K sprint. We were 4 seconds off the winning time!”

“In the rowing pictures that have been taken over the past few years, it’s easy to see the

improvement in my posture.  I sit up taller and have a longer reach with the oar which in turn

drives the boat further. Before and after a row I perform various postural alignment e-cises so that

I now row much more aligned and consequently pain free.”

-Chellie Powell