“I trained with Xtreme Fitness and Wellness from 2001 until the day Kevin & Kealoha moved to Boise.  Over those years, we did many different types of workouts; from heavy lifting to boot camps to intervals (tabata) and postural alignment.  They are well versed in all aspects of training and are constantly keeping up with the science of training.  We not only changed workouts to keep from hitting a plateau, but we also changed as the science of training changed.  They helped me with all aspects of my training when I decided to do the Arizona Ironman in 2009 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of my Kona Ironman finish in 1984.”

-John McNamara, MD


“Xtreme Fitness and Wellness whipped me into shape—in face of a busy schedule as a plastic surgeon and mother!!  They customize your workouts to your body type (and lifestyle); address your “problem areas”; and, strengthen your “assets”.  They are in harmony with you, and consider total balance when planning your individual exercise plan–Kealoha had me on the punching bag when she knew I had a challenging day!  I love them both and miss them dearly.  You will not be disappointed so sign up and get started!” 

-Christine Petti, M.D., F.A.C.S.


BobCI originally became a client with Xtreme Fitness and Wellness in order to improve my leg strength for cycling. While I planned on a two to three month learning experience, I’ve now been a friend as well as client for over six years. After following their personalized program for nutrition and strength training, I became the 2003 California State Road Cycling Champion for my age group. Xtreme will supply the knowledge and expertise to fulfill your goals, whatever they may be. You only need to supply your ambitions and commitment!Robert Cedergreen, M.D.


DarleneWhen I see how fit Kealoha is and receive her expertise in personal well being, physically and mentally, I am encouraged and recognize the importance of taking good care and time out for myself. I feel good and look good. Many thanks to Xtreme Fitness & Wellness!Darlene Welling


SteveSOwners of Xtreme combine both physiology of exercise with diet tailored to your lifestyle and athletic endeavors. Since I’ve been with Xtreme, I’ve competed in two bodybuilding events; a mini-triathlon; joined a cycling club where I do monthly time trials and a 100-mile ride every year; and, more. At nearly age 50, I’m participating in more activities than I did in my 20’s!!Steve Sawelson, M.D.


Richard-kickXtreme Fitness & Wellness provides me with a dynamic exercise and diet program customized to meet my needs. Within 9 months, I lost 40 lbs.and competed in a bodybuilding contest. My experience with Xtreme has been invaluable in helping me develop and maintain good diet and exercise habits.