Why Good Nutrition Should Complement Your Workout Program

Posted on Jan 11, 2018

Why Good Nutrition Should Complement Your Workout Program
Exercise is important in maintaining and improving the state of your physical health. Sometimes the value of exercise is emphasized at the expense of nutrition. Yet nutrition is critical in maintaining your fitness levels and even improving the gains you get from regular exercise. Here’s why you should never ignore nutrition when training.

If you engage in intense physical exercises such as strength training, aerobics, or interval training, you’ll need to ensure you set aside time for recovery. Your muscles need rest to grow at this stage and the recovery period helps to minimize injuries.

Good nutrition ensures that your recovery is smooth and fast so that you can go back to your regular workout. You need to ensure that you take vitamins and minerals to repair cellular damage and convert food into energy. They also help wounds and boost the immune system helping you recover from injuries faster.

Build Muscle and Reduce Weight
If you are trying to shed kilos of your waist, the best way to do it is by eating right. It has been estimated that good nutrition accounts for 70% of your weight loss as opposed to 30% compared to exercise. Eating unhealthy foods with the hope of burning the excess fat at the gym will only make it harder and more frustrating for you to reach your target weight. If you are trying to build muscle and strength proper nutrition provide the raw materials required by your body.

Nutrition improves cognitive function and gut health. It improves endurance so that you are able to push harder when working out. Eating right is therefore key for people looking to maximize their gains. A personal coach can help you make the right nutrition decisions to match your level of training, physical ability, and the objectives of your workout.